Footprints in the Sky

I dreamed I had a dinner party at which we are cooking outside and the most extraordinary stars ever are in the sky (shooting stars, etc.). When we go inside, the open ceilings show the same, but there are large dusty footprints on the sky, as in from hiking boots. It comes out that one of my guest’s husbands is stealthily projecting the sky from his pocket and that the sky projector is dirty. That guest is very awkward and then there is a huge discussion of the sexual identity or gender identity “Nightingale” which, in the understanding of one other guest, is not a sexual or gender identity at all, but is in fact a type of fan blogger who works somewhere called GREENGAGE, which is a tech company, but in the understanding of the problematic guest is a sexual identity that is a person who has two faces, one femme and one very masculine.

And then that guest, the explainer— a beautiful woman, maybe—abruptly leaves in a huff, but is revealed to be wearing four-foot-tall embroidered orange platform shoes which she can’t walk in, and she falls as we all try to support her, doing a backbend. She says she hasn’t worn those since high school. Shooting stars shoot across the ceiling. They are either real or projections. No one can tell.

Maria, 39, Brooklyn | Art by Night Language